Sunshine Everyday

Sunshine Everyday

For Christmas 2021 we have collaborated with Simone from BowlerBearDesigns. 

We started planning this in April 2021 and begun the process by talking about our well-being. We discussed the value of Self Care & how we could practice this within our day to day lives spiritually, physically & emotionally. This followed with a wider conversation about what made us happy at different stages of our lives. We then discussed the joy of nostalgia and shared memories about the tv programmes we watched as small children. There was a range of programmes we discussed from Alvin and the chip monks, Barney and Teletubbies! We also talked about the positive messages we wanted to tell each other and ourselves. 

Simone took inspiration from our discussions and came back with numerous designs encompassing all that we had spoken about together. After much debate we decided to choose to move forward with the sunshine design & explored the importance of colour and wording. At first this design had the words, Rise, Shine and be Happy but changed when we were all together to something simpler: sunshine everyday….

The reason we chose Sunshine Everyday is because we believe that even when it’s raining, dark and cold everyone needs some sunshine. We really loved the idea of bringing sunshine into each others lives, especially on those darker days when we might need it most.

We agreed as a group that we all have sunshine inside us, and it is our aim to spread that sunshine with everyone so they can feel joy and happiness everyday regardless of the winter weather!