Discover Joy

Discover Joy was created in collaboration with Briony Thomas, Light of Mine Lettering. You can find her on Instagram  @lightofmine_lettering  Briony teamed up with the Listen Threads girls with her creative lettering expertise to create this wonderful visual which expresses the meaning behind ‘Discover Joy’. 

So what is Discover Joy all about?

Discover (verb) to actively seek.
Joy (noun) a feeling of great happiness and pleasure.

This collection promotes a positive outlook on life and encourages us to celebrate the small victories we may achieve in a day.  It reminds us that even the smallest moments can highlight progress in our lives and can boost our self-esteem. It was created by the team around Christmas 2020 when in the midst of lockdown for many people daily struggles impacted mental health and joy seemed to be a distant memory. 

The question was, how to you Discover Joy during such a difficult time in the world with Covid-19 and after months of lockdown?

The answer.
Taking an active and intentional choice to find those small moments in a day where you can feel joyful.

From finding an activity you love, savouring a smile from a loved one, reading a book, enjoying the outdoors or even  a message from a friend that makes you smile. It can be any moment in the day where you feel joy and gratitude.

How do you DISCOVER JOY?

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