Anything Is Possible

Anything is Possible

Bobbi Leigh sent us these words when Janey and Chloe were in Thailand in February 2020. The trip to Thailand was inspirational for Listen Threads to see a wide range of different and diverse social enterprises at work.  For the Thai people who often had limited options for work a small business could make a huge difference to the lives of the people who ran them.  The enterprising local people started businesses which ranged from painting and dance to cooking and more, each person with an inspirational story and a message that anything was indeed possible. 

Those words came on the exact same day that we did a drawing workshop with an artist called Tee Ching Chai. He was a gentle and humble man who used his right hand, and was particularly famous for painting portraits of royalty. Until his right hand and lower arm got blown off, during protests he was involved in, against a corrupt Thai government.
His story of survival was incredibly moving, and his motivation to continue as an artist but instead use his left hand to paint with, is true testimony that Anything is Possible!

Janey & Chloe with Tee Ching Chai - an artist to relearnt to use his left hand to paint after this right hand was blown off during protests against the corrupt Thai government.

Anything is Possible gives us hope and belief that change and improvement in our lives can happen. It is a message for young people to believe in themselves even when faced with difficulties and adversity to trust in their ability to make change possible in their lives and accomplish their dreams.