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As part of Worth Unlimited, a national charity dedicated to inspiring hope together. Listen Threads is a fashion social enterprise run by the East Birmingham and Solihull team. This incredible venture allows young women the opportunity to pursue their love of fashion, engage in creativity and teamwork, and gain entrepreneurial experience. Not only does this have a huge impact on the lives of those young people who take part, but for every t-shirt bought this can fund an hour of 1:1 mentoring for a young woman.

Just as Worth Unlimited works to inspire and help people thrive, the young women behind Listen Threads are equally as passionate about making the world a better place, celebrating diversity and helping inspire others people to make positive change in their lives. They want to show the world that anything really is possible.

Our Story

At the heart of Worth Unlimited is the vision for a world in which all people thrive, diversity is celebrated, deprivation doesn’t exist, set in an environment which flourishes.  We know that this dream is shared by people all over the world and we believe that it can be achieved if we work together for the change we seek.

Janey Barrett leads the team, and is truly passionate about supporting and inspiring young people, not only through emotional support and guidance, but also helping them learn essential business skills. At Listen Threads the young people participate in all aspects of the enterprise from initial product design to sales, marketing and customer care. As well as gaining vital work experience to prepare for a future career, they also receive individual mentoring that is tailor-made to each young person.  This enables them to overcome the barriers they experience in life, and our aim is that they gain transferrable skills and confidence they can take forward with them in life.

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